05 November, 2008

Romantical Pastoral

My deep concern for you is like a river
and my continuing admiration is like a canoe
on that river.
In that canoe are two men, and
they are my fears about success.
Each of these men has a new pack of cigarettes,
they are forty of my character flaws.
On the banks of the river are many
Low hanging trees, which are weighted with my doubts.
In one of these trees is a small bird
Representing our hopes for the future.
The worm in the stomach of this bird
Is your sordid past.
There are seven rocks in a pile
By an upturned stump
A few feet from the tree with the bird
And this arrangement of objects
Has all the qualities of my ability
To make strangers feel at ease.
Less than a mile from the river is a cabin
That stands in for financial security.
There is the sound of banjo music coming
From an unspecified place between the cabin
And the riverbank and it represents
Your preferences in bed.
Beneath the water there is a variety of aquatic life
Known also as possibility.
These are just a few of the ways
In which my deep concern for you
Is like a river.